Better together

Co-sleeper The Couplebed

Feel each other's warmth
and forget everything for a moment.

The Couplebed brings people together.

Hold someone’s hand, cuddle up together or listen to beautiful music together. When people are ill, are revalidating or can no longer live together, proximity is more important than ever. Co-sleeper the Couplebed is the ideal solution for people who want to be together in a care environment.

The co-sleeper has been deployed in Hardenberg. The daughter loved being able to lie next to her father. When he lifted his eyes, he saw his daughter. Both found this very valuable. Eye contact was the only thing they had left. His wife also used the bed frequently. One of the two lay on the co-sleeper to benefit optimally from the moments of contact that were left.

How valuable is such a co-sleeper!

Truida van der Veen
Coordinator Hospice ‘t Huis aan de Vecht in Hardenberg, The Netherlands

What is De Bijrijder?

The Couplebed brings people together. Someone can sleep over, so people can really have some time together and shape their own lives the way they are used to for as long as possible.

The co-sleeper consists of a frame with a special co-sleeping mattress. This mattress has an extension so it fits seamlessly. This way, you can create a full-fledged high-low double bed.


The frame is compact and easily movable, so you can move the bed quickly in case of acute care. With the remote control you can set the desired height and position yourself. This way, you make the co-sleeper and the care bed fit together perfectly.

  • Easily movable and adjustable
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Maintenance-free and five-year warranty

Co-sleeping mattress

People can sit, lie or sleep comfortably on the co-sleeper. Thanks to the solid foundation the mattress is suited for everyone. It can be linked to both the left and right side of the care bed.

  • Optimal comfort
  • Seamless fit
  • Can be linked to either side

Innovative design,
easy in use.

Compact design

The compact design with swivel castors makes the co-sleeper efficient in use.

Adjustable frame

High to low and sitting to lying: you determine the desired position yourself.

Transport and storage

With a special transport trolley you can easily transport and store the co-sleeper.

Including accessories

Available including accessories, such as pillows, duvets and waterproof covers.

How does The Couplebed work?

When you place two care beds together, there will always be a gap between the mattresses. This gap makes it difficult for relatives to seek each other’s warmth. Co-sleeper the Couplebed offers the solution.

With a number of simple steps we show you how to link the Couplebed to a fixed bed within seconds.

Step 1

The co-sleeper is provided with swivel castors, so you can place it next to the care bed easily.

Step 2

When the co-sleeper is in the right place, you put the swivel castors on the brakes. The bed is now firmly fixed.

Step 3

With the remote control you determine the proper height and make the mattresses fit together perfectly.

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